Lockbox and eKey Questions

Understanding Lockbox and eKey

The Association manages the Lockbox and eKey program throughout the market. This program provides simple and convenient access to those authorized to show your properties. The following Frequently Asked Questions provide a framework for understanding the program and how to solve simple issues. If you don't find an answer here, please give us a call at 517.323.4090 and we will be happy to help you.

Do I have to come in to have an eKey installed onto my smartphone?

Technically, no you do not have to come into the office to get the eKey. However, if you are not comfortable with your phone, it is highly recommended to come into the Association so we can install your eKey and walk you through the process of using it.

Am I able to change the keybox to 24 hour access on my dKey/eKey?

Through your eKey you can change the access to your iBox BT to have it open at whatever time you wish or set it for 24 hour access. You currently cannot change access times on an iBox BT with a dKey but if you bring the iBox BT into the office, we can adjust the access time to your preference.

How do I see my iBox BT inventory?

From the eKey app on your phone, you can view your iBox BT inventory by selecting the button that says “inventory.”

How do I get onto supraweb?

There are two ways to log into supraweb. You can log onto supraweb directly through your eKey app on your smartphone, or you can click here to be directed to the website.

Do I have the correct pin/shackle code? Can I change it?

To look up your shackle code with an eKey, open your app and go to the inventory. Find the serial number matching your iBox BT and select it. From that screen, you can see information about the iBox including the shackle code. From that same screen, your shackle code is displayed and you have the ability to edit it. You can also call The Association and we will tell you your PIN/shackle code or bring in your box to have the shackle code changed.

Who owns this Keybox that I found?

If you found a keybox, you can call the Association or bring it to The Association and after entering the serial number into our system, we can check to see who the box was issued to.

Can I share a key with another member?

No, members are not allowed to share keys.

What phone can I use with an eKey?

You can use an eKey on any Android, iPhone or BlackBerry.

How can I obtain an update code for my ekey?
Click here to watch video instruction on obtaining an update code.

Why would I need a new authorization code and how can I do that?
If you receive an error code that says “reset auth tokens,” you will need a new authorization code. There are a few ways you can generate a new authorization code for your ekey. You can log into supra net and generate a new authorization code from there, or you can call The Association or SUPRA for a new code.

What are the benefits of having an eKey?

  • Send and receive real-time information such as showing notifications using your smartphone's Internet connection
  • Manage lockboxes and track them by MLS ID, address, and keybox number
  • Customize iBox™ settings — change shackle codes and set specific showing hours
  • Browse SupraWEB on your smartphone
  • Send showing feedback while still at the house with the potential buyer

SUPRA (dKey)

How do I change my pin code on my dKey?

The only way to have your pin code changed on your dKey is to bring it into The Association office and have the front desk program it for you to any four digit pin of your choice. At this time you may also have GLAR Staff program your dKey to have access in Battle Creek and Jackson, Michigan.

Am I able to change the keybox to 24 hour access on my dKey?

No, you have to bring your keyboxes into The Association office to have them changed to 24 hour access.

Why isn’t my dKey working?

Is the battery dead? If so, then bring your dKey into The Association office and GLAR Staff will help you by switching out your defective dKey for an active dKey.

Did you put your dKey on the charger last night? It needs to update on a daily basis from the analog or USB charger that you receive with your dKey at the initial signage of the dKey Lease Agreement.

Can I share a dKey with another member?

NO; if you are caught sharing your dKey you can be fined a $10,000 fine per our MLS Rules and Regulations. You have signed your dKey Lease Agreement saying that you will not loan or share your dKey with another agent or member of the public.