What is the Michigan Leadership Academy?
Posted by: Amanda Oboza
The Michigan Leadership Academy (MLA), the latest Association Certification, is a series of classes meant to prepare agents to make a difference by building leadership skills and enhancing knowledge. 

Four premier classes on communication, finance, and leadership will shape and inspire you, one piece at a time to help your career soar to new heights. The MLA consists of the following classes: Strategies for Successful Communicators, Effective Leadership Skills Training, Managing Financials and Working with Different Personalities.
Strategies for Successful Communicators, part of the Michigan Leadership Academy, is approaching quickly on March 29. Peter Mosca, a nationally renowned speaker, will help build confidence, master negotiation and presentations and interview like a pro.

The professional certification is not affiliated with or endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®. 

The cost is $250 and covers all four classes. It can be paid in full or two installments of $125.

Register today for the Michigan Leadership Academy.