Director Resume: Jeff Bone
Posted by: Amanda Oboza

Jeff Bone
Century 21 Cedarwood
REALTOR® Member - 9.5 years  

What do you believe makes you a qualified candidate for the Board of Directors? 
I became a REALTOR® at the beginning of the housing crisis and survived by doing what it takes to get the job done. I've been a member of the Finance Committee
I have served on various committees including but not limited to the following: 
2017 Community Enhancement Crew, Vice Chair
2017 Finance and Budget Committee Member;

 2016 Community Enhancement Crew

 2016 Finance and Budget Committee Member;

What do you think the biggest issue is right now facing Agents and the real estate industry? 

The real estate industry is still facing some uncertainty as a result of the multi-year housing crisis. The market has still not stabilized as we went from a glut of houses to a shortage of houses very quickly. Consumers, REALTORS® and lenders are still dealing with a rapid fluctuation while waiting for a return to normalcy. This issue is being compounded by existing and proposed legislation at the local, state and federal level. 

From your perspective, what can the Association do to help agents or the real estate industry improve? 

The Association needs to continue to inform and educate REALTORS® on current and relevant issues that directly affect their business. Not just from continuing education classes, but through constant bulk emails regarding up-to-date information on trends and topics. By providing articles on legal updates, marketing practices and current lending trends, the members will be provided with the right tools to build a successful business without a harsh learning curve. Also, continue to encourage and support social media connections as a way to increase a member's personal network. 
Tell us why you want to be on the Board of Directors? 
I feel like I have something to offer and can make a difference


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