Director Resume: Kern Slucter
Posted by: Amanda Oboza

Kern Slucter
Gannon Commercial Realty Group
REALTOR® Member - 30 years  

What do you believe makes you a qualified candidate for the Board of Directors?  

In a word, experience. Throughout my professional career I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve our association on many of its committees. Most recently I have served on the Professional Standards Committee, the Finance Committee and as the Chair of the Education Committee. Previously I served on the GLAR Board of Directors (circa 1992-1994).

My six years of experience on the national Board of Directors of the Appraisal Institute enables me to bring the governance perspective of a national association to local challenges.

I have earned an associate in real estate degree, bachelor of business administration degree, and a graduate degree in valuation as well as multiple real estate professional designations.

My experience, education, and eagerness to help make me uniquely qualified to assist our association in a leadership role on our Board of Directors. 

What do you think the biggest issue is right now facing Agents and the real estate industry?

Deciding on one biggest issue facing agents is a matter of perspective depending on the age, the experience, and the market segments the individual member may be pursuing. While agents compromise the largest segment of our membership, I believe the Board of Directors must be mindful of all practitioners seeking the benefits of membership in our association.

I see the proliferation of real estate technology is having a big impact on the greatest number of agents, consumers, and brokers. Agents benefit from the efficiencies the latest version offers, but are burdened by the velocity of change. They face the financial cost and probably more burdensome learning curve of new / different technologies.

The polarization of our political environment and global tensions make for an uncertain world. Businesses and consumers do not like uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds rising consumer prices, interest rates and real estate prices and make mortgages less affordable thus affecting a wide demographic and ultimately reducing sales volume and our member’s income. 

Baby boomers have houses to sell that don’t match the desires/demands of the millennial populations. The generational disruption and housing mismatch is affecting the pricing expectations of both generations.

Another concern I have for agents, appraisers and all our affiliates is association consolidation. Many futurists believe consolidation is inevitable. Based on my observations of our profession and other professions, I agree. I believe our Board of Directors must position our association to be a leader on the state level so we become the consolidating association rather than an association that is absorbed. The real estate business traditions of our region are important to us and retraining our agents to the practices of other regions will be an inconvenient consequence of being absorbed. 


From your perspective, what can the Association do to help agents or the real estate industry improve?

I encourage our association to be proactive in helping our agents, appraisers and affiliates by providing services that advance their careers and their business practices. As an example, I suggest we establish a task force that investigates proposed technology through actual trials, when possible. While I recognize it may not be possible to actually go live on all applications, research can be completed that helps us better understand the “learning curve” before an implementation. It is important that a broad spectrum of our members be included on the task force so they understand the learning implications for the technologically adept as well as the technologically challenged
The political threats to the real estate industry are real, especially the threat to eliminating the property tax deduction. I will be a strong supporter of RPAC which acts as our political stabilizer.

I will make sure our organization stays focused on the risk of association mergers. 

Tell us why you want to be on the Board of Directors.

It is my view that service is an honor and obligation. I was asked by our leadership development committee to allow my name to be included amongst many well qualified candidates. I view being asked as an honor in and of itself. I believe I am well qualified to serve on our Board of Directors. I pledge to come to the meetings prepared and make the best decisions for agents, appraisers and affiliates, recognizing that as a corporate director my fiduciary obligation is to the corporation – not to any individuals or groups.


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