Director Resume: Evan Vanderwey
Posted by: Amanda Oboza


Evan Vanderwey
Churchill Mortgage
REALTOR® Member - 15 years  

What do you believe makes you a qualified candidate for the Board of Directors?  

I’ve been in the mortgage industry for 22 years. I’ve been through market ups and downs and 
have taken both clients and employees through these times not only with my mortgage business, 
but also with Cornerstone Wealth Partners, my registered investment advisory firm. We have 
coached clients through these volatile times and have grown both organizations despite market 
conditions. I’ve enjoyed three years as a member of the Finance Committee for the GLAR. Also, 
during the last 10 years, owning a good amount of real estate personally as well as two businesses, 
I have remained solvent through the volatility and have lost no property.  

What do you think the biggest issue is right now facing Agents and the real estate industry?

Connecting with and making the case for home ownership with the millennial buyer is at least one 
challenge facing agents today. The average buyer of homes today will be nearly two decades 
younger than the average agent in the market place. This makes for an interesting dynamic and is 
a challenge that many on our board are embracing already – and they need to. Not only are 
millennials renting now, but by and large they tend not to desire ownership like their parents did. 
They would rather rent rides than own cars, borrow tools than buy them, and they are content to 
rent apartments and homes rather than being tied down. Many of these kids have seen their 
parents lose homes or were forced to move in the last downturn; and though the market has all 
but healed, these memories are vivid.  

From your perspective, what can the Association do to help agents or the real estate industry improve?

One of the best ways to help agents improve is both to bring the technology we offer up to date 
and to train those less apt to use it. As a “late adapter” to new tech myself, I understand the 
importance of making sure that technology is optimized in my organization, even if I’m not always 
the one using it. I also like the idea of bringing in good sales training support, possibly a speaker 
or two each year, someone whom broker owners could promote within their companies. In 
addition to this, I would like to see basic tax and business training so that newcomers can see the 
great potential of this industry as a long-term career.  

Tell us why you want to be on the Board of Directors.

I have benefited greatly over the years by this Board of Realtors and the agents here. As a lender, 
I work hand in hand with agents every day to bring about the goals of our mutual clients, and I 
rely on the hard work and good ethics of these exceptional business professionals to grow my 
business and make a living. I have learned much and have been enriched in countless relationships 
with agents who have become my friends. I would like to share what I have learned and what I am 
learning in order to bring about the changes that are necessary in the coming years for the GLAR 
to remain as the front line for promoting successful homeownership. I greatly appreciate the 
mission statement of the GLAR, and I want to promote the concept of free enterprise and to 
protect our right to own, sell, and use real property. I have been given much by this board; I 
would like to give back as I am able.